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Invisalign Dentist Near Me


The Clear Advantage Over Braces


With regular braces, or even other invisible braces that still use brackets, you may experience some or all of the following: pain, discomfort, mouth sores or injuries caused by the brace wires, tooth decay (from inadequate brushing and flossing), plaque buildup, tooth discoloration, tooth/bracket breakage, or difficulty eating. As if that weren’t enough, there are also the personal sacrifices—popcorn, chips, bagels, hard-crusted bread, pizza crust, pretzels, nuts, certain candies…plus apples, carrots, corn on the cob, and more.

Many people who don’t want anyone to know they are wearing braces and want to keep their teeth safe while feeling comfortable in a work or social situations. It is one of the reasons why dental practitioners offer Invisalign as the solution as, apart from all the other benefits, it does not affect your speech.

If you compare Invisalign with other metal braces, the advantages of Invisalign are greater: apart from being invisible, they do not puncture and scratch the insides of your mouth and gums as they are smooth and comfortable. The treatment of braces can take up to 5 years in some cases where Invisalign takes up to one and a half years in some cases to work its magic on straightening your teeth and provide you with a great smile in a short period.

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Why Invisalign?

  • Up to 50% faster treatment times

  • Proven results. SmartTrack® material and SmartForce® features are clinically proven to achieve 75% more predictable tooth movement.

  • Better fit, better comfort

  • Effective for a wide variety of cases

  • Unique feature for teens


The First Few Weeks Of Invisalign


To begin with the process of this cosmetic dentistry technology, you will be examined by your dental practitioner who will take impressions of your teeth to make a digital model. Based on your dental practitioner’s recommended treatment plan, the Invisalign advanced software used, will anticipate the move of your teeth from their current position to their final and desired one.

Once the treatment plan is approved, you will be provided with removable, transparent aligners (not like the traditional braces or retainers) that have been mainly created to fit your teeth. These aligners follow the process of the treatment plan and fit snugly over your teeth which will also give your teeth that extra shine, and can be easily removed to eat, drink and brush your teeth at any given time.

During a period of one week, and according to the original situation of every customer's teeth, the Invisalign aligners will gradually cause your teeth to shift their position slightly. As many other braces, experts recommend allowing them to be worn round the clock (except when eating, drinking or brushing your teeth).

After one week, and every two weeks after that, you will change the aligners for another set that will make your teeth move a little bit more each time. As the treatment advances over the next weeks and months, your teeth will rectify into their appropriate positions, as endorsed by your dental professional.

How To Get Started With Invisalign


There are many options for ways to transform your smile, but unfortunately, there is no treatment that offers the combination of effectiveness, combination and most importantly – comfort that this treatment called Invisalign can provide you.

It is unmistakably the best option for dentists to provide to their current or potential customer as it can straighten the teeth and improve the smile of many people. You will have a straight and healthy smile in no time with the new computer generated aligners designed with the most leading edge technology!

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